Sojitz Europe plc
Our Company

Our History
On April 1, 2003, Nichimen Corporation and Nissho Iwai Corporation established the joint holding company Nissho Iwai - Nichimen Holdings Corporation. Since inauguration, the holding company has pushed forward a number of initiatives based on the keywords of "Speed & Action" and has worked to realized the basic policies of its Business Plan, namely "Improvement in Profitibality" and "Reinforcement of Financial Strength". To secure the integration structure, the two core operating companies Nichimen and Nissho Iwai in February 2004 agreed a merger, heralding the birth of Sojitz Corporation on April 1, 2004.

While fostering cooperation, Sojitz will continue to adhere to the timeless fundamental corporate philosophies of both companies, the "Pioneer Spirit" of Nichimen and "The Spirit of Enterprise and Entrepreneurship" of Nissho Iwai. Recalling the mindsets that have permeated each company's history, the Nichimen and Nissho Iwai components of Sojitz will pursue a renewed spirit of innovation and work toward the common goal of maximizing a variety of capabilities.

New Group Brand Identity

The symbol mark is a dynamic image of two arrows soaring skyward, extending beyond the earth's horizon. The design is also a pictogram of the Japanese character for the "so" in our new name.

The name "Sojitz" is composed of two parts. The Japanese word "so" is used here to symbolize the strong partnership among us, our customers, and our society. The Japanese word "jitz" symbolizes our efforts to become a corporate group characterized by its dynamic energy and a source of great power. Together, "Sojitz" embodies the Group's commitment and dedication to secure sustained growth in concert with our customers and to realize a bright and prosperous future.

Our Policy
The Sojitz Group produces new sources of wealth by connecting the world's economies, cultures and people in a spirit of integrity. If we approach every activity, situation and opportunity with integrity, we will engender reliability in those around us. Likewise, a growing sense of reliability will allow integrity to flourish, creating a cycle of positive goodwill. Based on this principle, we will pursue integrity and reliability with steadfast resolve.

Moreover, we will pursue efficiency throughout every aspect of our operations with the aim of establishing a corporate foundation capable of taking us through today, to tomorrow, and beyond. Shifting management emphasis from reduction of replacement, we will build a strong business portofolio by selectively focusing management resources in areas of highest profitability and efficiency.

Inheriting the building blocks established by Nichimen and Nissho Iwai over many years, we will embark on the next stage of our ongoing evolution. Our new company name "Sojitz" envisions a strong partnership, dynamic energy and a source of great power. With this in mind, we will endavour to grow in conjunction with our customers and society, and to realize a bright and prosperous future.